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If you are looking for more consistency in yields, better yields, and other crop benefits, En-Save Inc. and our (X-L) products can help improve your bottom line. (X-L) Seed Treatment has a benefit of a healthier plant and extra bushels per acre but costs the farmer slightly over a dollar per acre, depending on type of seed. Very few investments on the farm return this well.

(X-L) Seed Treatment is designed to adhere to every type of seed. (X-L) contains organically complex enzymes and micronutrients applied on a carrier. (X-L) Seed Treatment is easy to use, just mix the dry powder carrier with seeds in the planter box or drill. Liquid (X-L) is also available.

Examples of what X-L Seed Treatment can do.
Treated and untreated

En-Save / X-L Labs is family owned and has served the farmer since 1972. We are located in the heart of the corn / bean belt and produce environmentally safe enzyme products to aid the farmer, seed producer, and others with their bottom line.


This product is intended as a supplement to regular fertilizer program and will not by itself provide all the nutrients normally required by plants.

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